How Different Would Your Life Be If You Knew The Power That Lies Within?

Has the current economic decline affected the way you dream? Are you busy looking for another Just Over Broke “J.O.B”? Are you one paycheck away from disaster? It’s time for you to take control of your mindset. Prior to the industrial revolution which ushered in the modern day factory assembly line systems, Americans were mostly of the belief that the “American Dream” could be had with a dream, strong will and a plan. This business model became known as the “Entrepreneurial Spirit”. Klarque Garrison know to many as “the Messenger” travels Worldwide showing folks just like you how to believe in the power of YOU!

Klarque Garrison will help you develop the necessary skills and blueprint to gain back your Freedom. Jobs are not coming back in the form they left. The World has become a global community. Government is in turmoil and offers little to no aid. The road to poverty is growing wider and the path to independence narrow. Let me show you how to start your own business or improve on the one you already have. Today starts the 1st day of your 365!

“Many a man fails to become a thinker for the sole reason that his memory is too good.” Nietzsche

Current Project

The Phoenix Affect~audio cd
Removing Clutter from your life both mentally & physically

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The phoenix Affect is a 7 day commitment to “YOU” and the “Actions” taken in order to create a mental sense of re-birth. Originally, it was designed for the 7 previous days prior to your birthday. However, no one can predict when a re-birth is necessary. So, feel free to follow these steps at any time in your life. In fact there will be times when you will find the need to process the elements of this journey several times within the same year! Listed below is an outline of the 7 day commitment and what each day is geared to do for you. It is vital that you make this pledge to yourself (not me) to follow the directions as concise as possible and see this project through to the end. Part of the journey is to learn how to commit to “yourself” and keep that promise. If a person cannot be true to oneself how can the Universe be true to them?





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